What Exactly Are The Articles

The Articles is a personal business delivering you the experience of the Automotive Community World Wide. Bringing you live footage from around the world. Covering Drift, Drag, Street, & Show events through the eyes of a lens.

The Articles/ItsApartOfWhoWeAre is a car culture website better known to the automotive community as The Articles. The website originally started back in January 2017 and has been growing ever since,   The concept of The Articles is to cover a wide variety of the automotive import culture as a whole & to become the next Tuner Magazine. Colin Guy has been an automotive enthusiast since early 2000’s and has since become a writer and photographer.

The website is updated as often as possible, consisting of photographic event coverage from various car shows, car meets, and other automotive events from mostly North America

For all business inquiries or general questions, please contact Colin Guy at The_Articles@Hotmail.Com