Grip Royal Hernando, MS

Scott” You know you are in a gang now right?”

Colin” What? looking at Scott with confusion”

Scott” Look at the back of your leg”

Scott” Gang Gang

Colin” As I look back at my Grip Royal Crest” I turn back around and just smile.

This is how my trip started at the Grip Royal Head quarter’s


One of the best features a vehicle can have is a Interior with a custom steering wheel to match your build or stand out from all the other’s. I personally own several steering wheels from a company named Grip Royal. I started collecting steering wheels back in 2012 when I order my first ever custom white leather steering wheel for my 1990 Honda Civic called The Royal Halo. I will never forget when my packaged arrived & opening up the box. First off Grip Royal has one of the best presentation’s in my opinion when it comes to opening a package. Several sticker’s, custom post card’s which I still own today and are on my tool box 5 years later, some custom Grip Royal shades, black anodized hardware packed with a Grip Royal business card & my custom ordered Steering Wheel. It truly is a experience when you are a first time Grip Royal buyer and receive that first package. Well here I am 5 year’s later with several steering wheels in the original box stored away in my closet which started out with just updating my interior with a new steering wheel with every new car I got to turning into being a steering wheel collector . When it comes to being a car enthusiast everyone has a part of there vehicle they take most pride in or absolutely just love the most. Mine happens to be a steering wheel. A steering wheel is more then just a piece of the car that you grab on to and turn to direct your vehicle in which the way it drives. A steering wheel sets the tone to your vehicle, from a custom painted designer steering wheel for your luxury show car, to a custom engraved suede steering wheel  for your race car displaying your logo or driver number Grip Royal can do it all and is truly one of the best companies to use when your thinking about upgrading your interior. 

I was lucky enough to travel down south and interview Scott about his company and himself. We sat down at a local Mexican restaurant called La Siesta after a long day in the shop and got to business. As I was browsing the menu Scott asked me what I was going to get and I had no idea with being in a different state as well as not ever eating at that location before. Scott looked at me with a big smile and just said ” get the California’s”. I ended up getting what he told me to get. It was by far the best burrito I had ever had stuffed with steak, potato’s, rice and cheese dip served with a side of fries. It was the most unhealthy combination of food and the best tasting combination of food I had ever had. 

Q: What is you name?

A: Scott Allinder

Q: Where do you live?

A: Hernando,MS

Q: Where are you from?

A: Biloxi, MS

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: Founder and manager of Grip Royal

Front Display Case Located In The Customer Walk In. Featured Would Be Several Different Versions Of Steering Wheels From Designer, Leather, & Painted.

Q: What is Grip royal?

A: Grip Royal is the number one source for personalized custom steering wheels.

Custom Grip Royal Wooden Crest Located In The Main Office.
Owner/Operator Scott About To Use The Custom Engraving Machine Which He Created A Couple Of Articles Horn Delete Plates

Q: How did Grip Royal get started?

A: I formed Grip Royal during after hours while working a day job – it started as some buddies and I wanting custom colors on our steering wheels and just expanding from there.

Front Office Display Of A Select Few Steering Wheels That Had Be Made

Q: What motivate you to start your own business?

A: I’ve always been intrigued with staying busy. I basically saw an opportunity to do something cool and started doing it for friends and it’s been slowly growing ever since.

Front Display Case With Several Designer Sun Glasses On Display With Horn’s & Delete Plates.

Q: Did you expect Grip Royal to get as big as it is today?

A: I never expected it to! I still don’t even really see it as big in my eyes. It’s always about staying busy and doing the list of projects ahead of me. Sometimes, when I slow down, I get to look around and it’s awesome to see the scale of things growing. Generally though, my list of projects keeps expanding and I’m always just focused on doing the next thing on the list! I guess staying active and always planning the next move has helped us to grow far past what I ever expected.

Scott’s SuperStreet Magazine Feature Wall Mounted In His Front Office.
Grip Royal’s Custom New Hex Shift Knob’s With Tap Shifter’s In The Back Ground.
Another Look At The Main Office Grip Royal Crest Logo Wall Mounted


Organization Is The Key To Success When Running A Business

Q: What are your plans & goals for Grip Royals future?

A: The goal is to keep living the dream! We continue to focus on product and self-development with hopes that those two things, along with our ambition, will help us to achieve our goals. We want to only be better, all the time. Soon we hope to be finishing up some new product and start hitting other markets outside of the import industry. We’re excited to become even more involved with our production process and offer even more customization along with an even higher quality control. All good things are in the works, it’s just the foot work we have to put in to get there!

Scott In The Zone Knocking Out Some Custom Work For A Customer. In The Background Several Steering Wheels Are Displayed As Well As The Grip Royal Coveralls.

Q: What has biggest contributing factor to your success? 

A: I would have to say my willingness to work and learn new skills. It’s been a constant struggle with plenty of problems to go with the benefits. Learning all the new trades and different positions as the business grows has been a struggle I never expected or was informed of on the front end! Otherwise, I never could’ve started or continued Grip Royal without the help of my awesome family and friends. My parents let me use their home to start the business and many of my friends have helped or supported in so many ways I can’t even list them all.

Scott Helping A Walk In Customer
Grip Royal Pendant Hanging On The Thermostat With A Rad Poster In The Background. If You Look Closely They Are Holding Grip Royal Steering Wheels.
Grip Royal Wall Outside In The Shop
Grip Royal Photo Area. This Is Where They Properly Prop There Products For Quality Photos.
Another Storage Shelf For Grip Royal Product’s. Also Some RC Drift Car’s For A Little Fun In The Shop.
New Custom License Plate’s In Production.
Another View Of The Main Work Bench
Quick Glimpse Of Team Member Briggs & Scott’s Drift Car’s.
Another View Of Team Member Brigg’s S13 Hatch
Interior Shot Of Scott’s S13 Coupe Drift Car.
Picture Capturing Half The Shop From The Outside Overhead Door. Displaying The Team Member’s Car’s As Well As How Organized They Are.

Scott Allinder’s S13 Grip Royal Restomod


Q: What year make and model is your street car?

A: I believe this shell is a ’92 but I am honestly not certain. I also don’t really intend to drift this car though it should be fully capable.


Q: When did you get into drifting?

A: In 2005 I watched some DVDs of American guys visiting Japan with a buddy and fell in love with drifting immediately. I dove deep into old Option videos and Drift Tengoku’s, anything I could find online (which was pretty hard at the time). My friends and I got really into Initial D in High School and were playing the arcade games all the time. We were already into imports and had been hanging at the local car spots, nobody was just into drifting yet. Once I got bit by the bug, I traded my fairly nice 1996 VW Jetta GLX for a 1987 Toyota Corolla with a Silver-top 20v swap. It was a turd that always broke down but once I had my very own RWD chassis, I was locked onto drifting.  


Q: How long have you had this chasis?

A: The restomod chassis I’ve had for I think three years now. I have never had it assembled though, I purchased it disassembled as a roller from a friend.

Q: Was the vision for the car along the lines of how it sits now?

A: The goal for this build is reliability and comfort. I want this car to be a ‘drift capable’ daily driver car. When I say daily driver though, I mean an adult driven daily driver. Not a car that’s going to break down every day you have to drive it lol. The goal is to have cruise, a/c, nice sound, etc – nothing crazy. I used a lot of different parts than how I have built other s-chassis in the past with hopes for a comfortable and quiet ride. I’d like to be able to drive this car on a 12hr trip and know I’m safe to get back home.

Media Manager Prakash SR20 Powered S13 Sitting Next To Scott’s Restomod S13.

Q: Is there a lot of fabrication to the car?

A: The cage and front tubs were done by Nocturnal of St. Louis. Rear tubs were done by myself. Other than that, no metal fabrication.

Media Manager And Owner/Operator Of ProjectGarage.Net Prakash S13 Next To Scott’s Restomod S13


What has been done to the car?


  • Corbeau RRS Seats & Rails
  • Black Carpet
  • Rollcage by Nocturnal
  • Flocked OE Dash & Center Console
  • JDM Digital Climate Control
  • NX1600 Digital Gauge Cluster
  • Kenwood Double Din Stereo
  • Grip Royal Steering Wheel
  • Grip Royal Tap Shifter Shift Knob
  • Custom Rear Seat Delete (not completed)



  • Origin Lab Race Line Aero (not completed)
  • Origin Lab 50mm Front Fenders
  • Origin Lab 55mm Rear Fenders
  • 15% Window Tint
  • CREE LED Headlights
  • 50/50 Smoked Taillights


Suspension & Drivetrain

  • Fortune Auto Coilovers w/Swift Springs
  • Voodoo13 RUCAs
  • ISR Performance Toe Arms
  • ISR Performance Traction Arms
  • ISR Performance Angled Tension Rods
  • Boxed FLCAs
  • Megan Racing OE-Style Poly Bushings
  • Whiteline Poly Subframe Bushings
  • ISR Performance Front Sway Bar
  • Circuit Sports Sway Bar Endlinks
  • Energy Suspension Poly Rack Bushings
  • ISR Performance 5-lug Hubs
  • 2-way Differential
  • Driveshaft Shop 1pc Aluminum Driveshaft
  • ISR Performance Inner Tierods
  • Moog Outer Tierods
  • ISR Performance Stainless Rack Lines
  • ACT Stage2 Clutch Kit
  • ISR Performance Stainless Clutch Line
  • ISR Performance Stainless Brake Lines



  • SSR VF1
    F: 18×10.5
  • R: 18×12
  • Lugs: Muteki SR48R



  • S13 Redtop SR20DET
  • Partshopmax Oval Titanium Exhaust
  • ISR Performance FMIC Kit
  • HKS Bov
  • ISR Performance Intake
  • Koyo N-Flow Radiator
  • GKtech Radiator Fan
  • CodyAce A/C Mount Kit


Recap Of My Trip

Scott & I have been communicating for Month’s on when I would be coming down to experience the life of being at the Grip Royal Headquarters’s Located in Hernando, MS. We set a date on May 20th and made that happen. I departed from Springfield, Mo about 500 AM that Saturday morning. The weather sucked and rained during my 5 hour drive. I arrived in Hernando around 11am that morning the town was very nice, very welcoming and the hospitality from everyone I met down there was incredible! Scott and I met at his Paint Shop located a couple miles away from his actual store front. I was Highly impressed with the Paint Booth and how clean it was as well as all the secret projects sitting in that garage! We hung out most the day at the Paint Shop, prepping team member’s  Mike & Prakash S13 drift car’s for paint. Meeting the team  Briggs, Mike, Prakash, Adam, & Owner Operator Scott was truly an experience I will remember for a life time. I have talked to them at several car shows all over the United States, However it was nothing like spending a day and a half with them. They welcomed me as if I had known them for year’s, playing jokes on each other, talking about project’s, talking about product’s, working on car’s, We were just a bunch of car dudes doing car things. I was able to witness there production site, It was top of the line and very well taken care of. Their Steering Wheels were properly taken care of from the production line to the paint booth to curing. Not a single Steering Wheel leave’s that paint shop without properly curing and passing inspection. Once passing inspection they are properly packaged in a quality world class display box. Grip Royal Offer’s many different services and products not just steering wheels. Grip Royal has a wide selection and variety of Shift Knob’s, Horn Button’s, Horn Delete Plate’s, Titanium Hardware, Sun glass’s, Custom License Plates & More.  They do custom engraving on anything you can think of. If you want to see more of what they offer and can do make sure you go check out there pages on Facebook & Instagram under Grip Royal, Also to see exactly all what they have in inventory that might suit your needs and wants visit


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