Coffee & Cars SGF 04/01/2017

Coffee & Car’s rain or shine ended up having a great turn out in Springfield, Mo on June 1st 201 7. Now I work overnight and usually the first thing I do when I get home at 5am is go to sleep and sleep throughout the morning and into the afternoon. However I did not want to miss this event. I ended up passing out and waking up realizing I am going to be late to the event and not be able to get coverage of the event as Cars & Trucks started showing up. I ended up showing up around 10:45 after we ran the car to the car wash and got some morning breakfast. We showed up and it was very cloudy outside. That did not cause anyone in this town to miss this event! IT WAS PACKED!!!! From Trucks, Slammed Vehicles, Drift Cars, High Class Imports, Classic’s to Motorcycles there was a wide variety of enthusiast which made it very enjoyable. This was the first event I was able to get  coverage of this year and I truly enjoyed it. Winter just ended, Spring time flowers blooming with that sweet spring smell in the air. All the hermit crabs who have been working on their project’s came out  to show off what they have been working on and you can truly tell the Springfield Community has some amazing builds coming to the streets.

What I like about Coffee & Car’s is the different variety of enthusiast that show up. As well as all the sponsor’s that show up to the event each and every year. From Status Auto Detailing, American National Insurance, All the Band’s and Dj’s that show up to give the crowd live music. Country Girl’s Espresso for all the great food to the delicious tasting coffee! Also a huge thank you to Schweitzer United Methodist Church Which has been so gracious to allow us to keep coming out to use all of their parking lot for years now, and we thank them with all that we can! Schweitzer United Methodist Church Which


IMG_0976 - Copy

Chevrolet S10 Drag Truck Done Right

IMG_0978 - CopyIMG_0979 - Copy

Tony Brock’s Fully Built Toyota Supra. Owner/Operator Of Mirror Finish PolishingIMG_0981 - Copy

Christian’s Built WRX

IMG_0988 - Copy

2JZ NO SHIT! Jeremy’s Wide Body Lexus IS300

IMG_1004 - CopyIMG_1013 - Copy

Team NvUS Springfield Lined Together

IMG_1020 - Copy

Wheel Chair Stuntman Zach Pointing Out Something

IMG_1024 - Copy

A Couple of 500 HP Honda S2000’s

IMG_1029 - CopyIMG_1040 - Copy

Can’t Beat A Couple Of Classic’s

IMG_1044 - CopyIMG_1048 - Copy

Steven Lee’s 350z Tucked Away From The Crowd

IMG_1049 - CopyIMG_1056 - CopyIMG_1059 - CopyIMG_1071 - CopyIMG_1072 - CopyIMG_1092 - Copy

Matt’s Honda Grom

IMG_1111 - Copy

Caron’s Fully Built Turbo Equipped S2000

IMG_1113 - CopyIMG_1124 - CopyIMG_1125 - CopyIMG_1128 - CopyIMG_1219IMG_1216IMG_1214IMG_1195

Jon David Owner & Operator Of ZHookUp Make’s A Quick Stop To Show Off His Nissan R32 Skyline


Couple Of Other Photographer’s Covering The Event




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