William Franszen’s Minion Based Built EK9

My name is William Franszen. I was born and raised in Portland, OR. I grew up in a very musical family and never really thought about cars. Growing up I seen my mom struggling to keep her cars repaired because repair bills were just too damn high. So right out of high school I signed up for classes at Clackamas Community College for Automotive Technology courses to learn about cars. Along the way a good friend of mine Wryann VanRiper Founder and old Owner of VIP Performance gave me a job and started teaching me about high performance and modifying cars unlike I had ever seen. This sparked a passion and love for cars I will take with me to the grave. Ive got to see and work with some of the nicest cars in the NW and have experienced so much. Through the years I have built many personal cars of my own including a 400hp DA9 Integra and my 2004 Mitsubishi Evolution 8. My current project is my 1999 Honda Civic Hatchback “El Minion”. This car came from a stock grandma car and was transformed in an award winning show car. With the close help of my friend and painter Jesus Castro we turned this car into something that has been enjoyed by many. Big thank you to all the sponsors :: Top1 Motors, Skunk2 Racing, PasswordJDM, Downstar, Blazin Hydrographics, Epic Auto Detailing, Klean Society, Sickspeed, and The Articles. All is not possible without your ongoing support. And most of all thank you to all the fans !! You make it worth all the blood, sweat and tears. Your support and belief in me drives me forward everyday.


Ice Ice Baby does not mean William can’t pull out his car and get it clean


Custom Carbon Fiber Hood Crowl



  •  NRG Arrow back racing seats
  • NRG harness bar
  • Weapon R harnesses
  • Si gauge cluster
  • CF hydro dipped door card handles
  • House of Honda custom red headliner
  • House of Honda custom red carpet
  • House of Honda custom minion pillar fabric
  • House of Honda red minion fabric on door cards
  • House of Honda custom rear trunk wood floor
  • Spoon sports short shifter
  • Spoon sports shift knob
  • PasswordJDM shift boot
  • CZR neo chrome battery tie down
  • Type-S full interior LED lighting system
  • Kenwood touch screen double din stereo
  • 8″ MA Audio sub
  • 500w amp
  • Wink mirror
  • PasswordJDM CF air bag delete try
  • Mugen floor mats
  • P28 ECU tuned on Hondata S300
  • NRG V2.5 GOLD edition quick release
  • NRG short hub
  • Genuine wood grain Nardi steering wheel


Quick view of William’s Engine bay before it was all put together.



  •  Function form type one coilovers
  • Skunk2 front camber kit
  • Skunk2 rear camber kit
  • Blackworks subframe brace
  • Function7 LCAs



  • Avid 1’s 15×8 + 20 wrapped in 175/50/15 tires


A Picture is worth a thousand words. William preparing his EK9 for the Highway making sure it is all strapped in and good to go. On the plus side of things there is that ATM in the back corner. A Jack, Front Bumper, Boards and some homie’s part of his crew helping him out.


The determination is real … William trailered all the way from Portland, OR to Kent, WA just to make sure my car was at #hondafestnw … big thank you to @teufneph_fb6 for towing it there … much love brother



  •  CTR fenders
  • CTR front bumper
  • CTR rear bumper
  • CTR headlights
  • CTR tail lights
  • CTR folding mirrors
  • CTR rear lip
  • CTR Wing
  • Sickspeed wing bolt spikes
  • Sickspeed wing riser washers
  • Alex tilt brackets
  • Type S Underglow lighting
  • CF hydrodipped cowl
  • Top1 Motors side skirts
  • Top1 Motors air splitter
  • Top1 Motors canards
  • Top1 Motors rear diffuser
  • Top1 Motors window vents
  • Charge speed front lip
  • Rear NRG tow hook
  • Painted 2015 Austin Martin DB9 SunBurst yellow 3stage pearl


Quick glimpse of the EK9 on display with the WorldWide NvUS Flag flying in the wind.


Minion themed designed Valve Cover. William got this idea from his beautiful daughter who means the world to him.



  • 00′ B18C1 GS-R Engine and Trans
  • Full shaved and tucked engine bay
  • Type S LED Lighting system
  • Custom made wiring harness
  • Sickspeed fender washers
  • Konkord hood risers
  • PasswordJDM CF cooling plate
  • PasswordJDM whale D Intake
  • PasswordJDM dizzy bolts
  • PasswordJDM cam cap bolts
  • OBX Racing ITBs
  • OBX Racing fuel rail
  • Custom fuel system
  • Skunk2 aluminum radiator
  • Tri Y header
  • Yonaka full exhaust
  • Spoon sports res socks
  • Tien hood dampers
  • Downstar Baby spikes m6 for valve cover (x8)
  • Downstar Lil spikes m10 for strut tower bolts (x4)
  • Downstar Valve cover washers RED
  • Downstar Header stud hardware kit w/red washers
  • Downstar Trans to engine hardware kit w/ red washers
  • Downstar Trans to bellhousing hardware kit w/ red washers
  • Downstar Starter hardware kit w/ red washers
  • Downstar T-bracket to trans hardware kit w/ red washers
  • Downstar Tq mount to trans hardware kit w/ red washers
  • Downstar motor mount hardware kit w/ red washers
  • Battery relocated to trunk
  • Godspeed vtec solenoid cover
  • Stage 1 exedy clutch kit


What do I See? I see a well built engine bay, several hours of sanding, to prep work to a custom paint job to set this engine bay off from others.. Relocated battery terminals, DownStar Hardware. Fender Washer Dress Up Kits. Individual Throttle Bodie’s and much more. Question is what do you see?


William’s EK9 Tucked away in his secure garage setup


Huge Thanks To Epic Auto Detailing for the Detail on Williams EK9 for HondaFest



  • Klean Society
  • Epic Auto Detailing
  • PasswordJDM
  • Top1 Motors
  • Downstar
  • Blazin Hydrographic
  • Skunk2 Racing
  • Sickspeed
  • Braum Racing
  • Wryann VanRiper for tuning


Follow William on Social Media Page @NvUS_EK9

Media Exposure Credit’s: King Motorsport’s


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