Skyler Spartans 1992 GPW NSX Coupe

IMG_5223Skyler Spartan’s 1992 GPW NSX Coupe

I met Skyler back in 2010, It was my junior year of High

School, I worked at the McDonald’s down the street from my house. It was one a nice night outside and I had happen to just clocked out of work when I saw a Laguna Blue Honda S2000 drive by. Well being the High School teenager I was I ran to my car jumped in it and followed this one of a kind S2000 to our hometown favorite ice cream parlor Andy’s Frozen Custard.

I pulled up next to this gentleman and noticed he was getting out of his car, turns out this was the local hot spot in Springfield for people to meet up, converse about there build’s and plan local events. Now I had just gotten my first import which was a 1993 Acura Integra and was looking for some fellow enthusiast to learn from as well as make new friends with. Skyler was one of the 1st people that welcomed me into the scene. I’ll never forget that night, I smelled like a grease pit, in my blue McDonald’s shirt, large Dr Pepper in my hand which I heard over my shoulder “ Hey what’s going on” Skyler welcomed me with open arm’s. He started asking questions about my car what year, make & model. If anything had been upgraded, what kind of wheel’s I had so on and so forth. We had talked for a little while and he started introducing me to other individuals that were there. Defiantly felt welcomed and that is were it began.

Skyler was a huge car enthusiast, He was one of the creators and owner’s of a local car club called TruForm. This was the first club I had ever been apart of. Over the years we had gotten closer. He started hosting car events, scheduling cruise’s, running benefits for local charities & just meeting up at local in town hot spots. The event’s grew to not only a couple of people but to a couple of hundred of people. Skyler & his team truly put on a great car event car enthusiast located inside and out of Springfield, MO.

I knew Skyler had always wanted an Acura NSX. Well after 10 years of hard work & dedication he finally was able to buy the car he most truly treasured. I recently was able to meet up with Skyler on not the best of a night or the worst of a night for a quick little photo session. We talked about the future, caught up on lost time and pretty much enjoyed the night trying to capture some amazing images of his Acura NSX Tenshi ( which stands for Angel).

Below are a couple images we were able to capture as well as a list of mods his Acura NSX Tenshi currently has.

His car will be at the local 417Racing/Truform/1320 Video Track day in Rogersville, MO 04/23/2017 so if you have time come down and check out all the Drag racing as well as the Car Show. It’s going to be a fantastic time!

  • 92 GPW NSX Coupe
    – Downforce Intake Air Scoop
    – ScienceofSpeed UNI Air Filter
    – ScienceofSpeed Advanced Headers
    – ScienceofSpeed Endura Lite Exhaust
    – Volk Racing ZE40 wheels
    – Togo R888 Tires
    – Tein RA Coilovers
    – OEM Nose Mask
    – Customized seats
    – Custom Shift Knob
    – Custom Oil Cap
  • – Refreshed Paint w/ new OEM lip
    – Underway: Updating & Audio/Console/Vents
    – Next Up: RDX injectors & Infinity ECU
  • IMG_5239IMG_5230IMG_5225IMG_5223



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