Ryan McCollister’s 2004 Air Ride Equipped G35

Ryan McCollister own’s a 2004 Infiniti G35 coupe, currently at 149,000 miles which goes up everyday as it is his daily driver. He bought the car in 2012 from an auction totally stock with 99,000 miles and started customizing the second day he owned the car. He have always been into cars and will continue to do as my 6 year old son loves to watch and help him in the garage. The days he has off he is always outside working on his car or attending a car show. He has owned about 18 cars since he turned 16 years old, he is currently 30. Ryan Says’ I do not plan on ever getting rid of this car until I give it to my son for his first car. I have to much time and money invested and I plan on continuing to show my son how to work on the car that way when I pass it on to him he will know all the ends and outs on it, and not to mention have the coolest car at school. Bottom line family and cars are my life there is nothing else I would rather do, as far as 2017 I plan on taking my car to the next level something different from everyone else is doing, and doubling my cars shows especially out of town shows. My drive to do this everyday is one day hoping to give it to my son and for the love of cars and the camaraderie of hanging with my car family and showing off all my blood, sweat and tears that I have put into my car.’

Ryan’s car is a perfect example of an enthusiast who has an image in his mind and turns that image into a reality at the same time showing his love for his family and making sure he is the best role model possible to his children.Car Show'Engine Bay

Performance Features

* Gold carbon fiber dipped wiper cowl with battery trays

* Custom hand made air diversion plate dipped in gold carbon fiber

* Granny apple green powder coated upper and lower plenum, oil and coolant catch cans

* Hand polished front timing cover, bolts, vtc solenoids, AC lines, coolant pipes, throttle body, pulleys, and power steering pump. (I have a total of 20 hours or so hand polishing these parts)

* Westcoast fastners all polished bolts with gold spacers

* Polished valve cover plates

* All hoses are braided steel

* Killerglass upper radiator hose with green leds

* 2.75 Injen full intake

* 5/16 plenum spacer

* Nismo muffler with 5 inch tips

* The driver and passenger both had a full wire tuck along with the main harness that use to run along the front of the motor



* Gold carbon fiber dipped center counsel, window control trim, door handles, clock bezel

* Suede wrapped glove box, A pillars, and gauge cluster

* Custom hand made fiberglass A pillar Airlift controller pod

* Bride low max seat

* Bride door inserts, with shift boot

* Nrg Neo chrome steering wheel with Nrg 2.0 quick release

Scenary 1


* Custom painted 10 gallon air tank

* Hand made all cherry hardwood enclosure with Plexi glass laser engraved build sheet inserted in the middle with green led back lighting.

* All hand bent 3/8 and ¼ polished hard air lines with liquid filled psi gauge

* Suede wrapped trunk pad



* Front SPC adjustable upper control arms

* Rear Stance adjustable lower control arms up to -8 degrees of camber with toe bolts

* All Whiteline bushings

* Airlift bag over coil UAS bags with Stance shocks ran by V2 management



* Weds Brophes Front 18×10 +12 Rear 18×11 +0 both wrapped in Nangkang 220 seris tires

* The rear wheels are set at -6.5 degrees at drive height and when aired out are about -8 degrees



* Custom hand made Abs side splitters

* Custom hand made Abs front splitter with polished splitter rods

* Top Secret diffuser

* Entire car coated in Ceramic Pro9H ceramic coating

* Custom RGB led halo rings


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