Mike Panzica’s B18C1 Honda Civic

Mike has owned the car for 19 years. It was brand new off the lot back in 98.
It has been a long road but it was worth it in the end. He works on cars for a living. Mike Says ‘It’s a never ending cycle it will never be done’. Mike Says’ I’m always seeing room for improvement i always want to make it better. You know your own car better than anybody else so you know where all the flaws are. Every little knick or scratch that nobody else will ever see, I just want it to be perfect.

Mikes favorite part of the build is he has done every bit of work to this car himself.  He is a real big do it your own person. He sprayed every flake of paint and turned every nut and bolt Himself. He chose to make his car different and It is one of the most popular cars in this game. He had to make make it the one that stands out the one you remember cause it just blew your mind, he has put so much attention in the details because that’s what makes it for him, CLEAN, he mean’s even the little things that can’t be seen like the motor mounts and rear brackets all have matching pin stripping to the bay. Even his bay is 2 tone if you can get past the motor. Then you might see the custom bent copper brake lines too. Basically every nut and bolt on the car has been touched. It’s amolst easier to tell you what he hasn’t done to the car.

Mike wants it to be one of those cars everybody knows, a neck breaker quality build.  That has people wanting you to build theirs. He is in the process of trying to get my own business up and running. So this is also his way of showing the world what I am capable of doing.Fender ShotFrontInterior


  • Ferrari 458 Italia Full Carbon Fiber Racing Seats
    Ferrari 458 Italia Carbon Fiber Floor Mats
    Ferrar California Pass Foot Rest
    Mugen Drivers Dead Pedal
    Mugen E-Brake Handle Cover
    Custom Wrapped Rear Seats
    Custom Micro SuedeWrappedHead- liner,
    Carbon Fiber Console Lid
    WideBand AF Gauge , Oil Temp and Coolant Temp Gauges
    Pioneer N1 Nav, Tv, Radio
    I-Simple Ipod Hook Up
    ITR Shift Knob
    ITR Boot
    Short Throw Shifter
    IndiGlow Gauges
    Field VTEC Controller
    CTR Door Sills
    Rare Dash Ashtray Conversion
    Engine Start Button
    Blue lighting in back seat and under dash
    Pedal Covers



RollerSeats - CopyShow 2 - CopyShow


  • Evo Style Carbon Fiber Hood
    Carbon Fiber Hood Crowl
    Spoon Stlye Carbon Fiber Front Lip
    Carbon Fiber Eye Browls
    Carbon Fiber Fenders
    Mugen Grill, Side skirts & Rear Lip
    Mugen Rear Spoiler
    Custom Black Housing Headlights
    Custom Taillights
    Sick Speed Tow Strsap
    Password JDM Hood Risers
    M3 Style Mirrors
    Custom Flip Trunk


Stand Still - Copy


  • Skunk2 Coil Overs
    KGB AGX Shocks
    Mugen Front Strut Bar
    ITR Rear Sway Bar
    DC Sports Lower Tie Bar
    BLOX Lower Control Arms
    Skunk2 Lower Control Arm Bolt Kit
    Skunk2 Front Camber Kit
    Downstar Upper Control Arm Hardware

TrunkWheels - Copy


  • Mugen mf8 16×7
    Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport Tires
    Zerg Industries Lug Nuts


  • AEM Front Big Brake Kit
    Custom Made Copper Front Brake Lines
    Custom Tucked Brake Lines

Wide Shot - Copy


  • B18C1
    Custom Shaved, Wire Tucked and Painted Engine Bay
    Type r rods and pistons
    ARP rod bolts
    Ported and polished head w competition valve job
    ITR Dual Valve Springs
    Brain Crower Titainium Retainers
    ARP head bolts
    Mugen Head Gasket
    CTR Cams
    Fidanza Cam Gears
    DownStar Cam Bolts
    Downstar Engine Bay and Trans Hardware
    Gates Racing Timing Belt
    OBX Racing Intake Manifold
    STR Fuel Rail & Dip Stick
    CTR Injectors
    B&M Fuel Pressure Regulator
    AEM Cold Air Intake
    Skunk2 70MM Throttle Body
    MSD Ignition Box External Blaster 3 Coil
    PLM V Power Headers
    Custom Test Pipe
    Performance Import Trends Titanium Cat Back Exhaust
    NOS Nitrous Systm
    Skunk2 Works Alpha Radiator
    Slim Fan
    Password JDM Radiator Stay
    OBX Polished Reservoir
    G Plus Blue Silicone Coolant Hoses
    EnergyPolly motor mount Inserts
    Hasport Motor Mounts
    Spoon Sports Oil Cap
    Custom Powder Coated Valve Cover

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