Josh Newtons 1989 Nissan Silvia

Josh Newton Front Shot


Work Meisters

18/10.5 Rears

18/9 Fronts

300ZX Brakes Front & Rears


When I ordered the wheels they got done. Shipped themfrom Japan only for them to get stuck in the California port strikes in 2013. They were sitting on a ship waiting to get unloaded for about 2 months.  Longest 2 months ever.  Took about 5 months to get then from start to finish because of the strike.


Josh Newton Rear Shot


Stance USA Coilovers

Upgraded Swift Arms

Stance Arms

Energy Suspension Bushings

S14 Outer tie Rods T.F Version 2

Ichiba 5 Lug Hubs

All New Hardware

Josh Newton Differental


S14 Kouki SR20

Chase Bays Power Steering

Stage 2 Spec Clutch & Flywheel

S14 sr. Custom intercooler piping

Bmw oil cooler

Nismo motor mounts

Isr Down Pipe

Custom 1 piece steel drive shaft

J30 diff

Black braided -6 and -8 fuel lines

Wolbro 255 fuel pump

Weld on -16 coolant ends with black braided coolant hoses

Mitshimoto triple pass radiator

Mitshimoto slim fans

Isr Oil Pan

Power steering cooler (Mitshimoto)

Isr Short Shifter

Koyo Radiator

T28 DBB Turbo

Josh Newton Engine Bay 2


Black Silvia OEM Carpet

Rewired 21 Circuit Street Car Kit

Wilwood Reverse Mount Pedal Kit ( Made to fit with a stock dashboard )

Holley Digital Dash

Holley Boost Gauge

Holley Fuel Guage

Bride Low Max Seats

GripRoyal Artic Digital Camo Steering Wheel


Josh Newton Engine BayJosh Newton Front Shot 2


Rocket bunny rear diffuser

S13 silvia oem side skirts

Origin turn signals

Brick head lights

HIC window visors

Circuit sport led tail lights

Custom carbon side skirt splitters.

Valspar base coat with standox clear

New windshield

Metal oem silvia hood.

Rolled and pulled fenders

Wingless trunk

Josh Newton Front Shot 3


Josh Newton Lives in Bristol, Indiana He has been building his 1989 Silvia for about 3 years now. When he got the car it was in horrible shape, Body Damage, Paint was a disaster, Suspension was shot, and the Wiring Harness let’s just say it looked like a couple of Mice had went to town on it.

Josh threw a SR20 into his Silvia and realized all the things his car truly needed. He drove it for maybe a week, not even long enough to burn a full tank of gas before he had made up his mind to park the car. The tear down had begun.

Josh Newton paints for a living and he does one hell of a DAMN good job friends!!!!

Since he was a two tone fan he decided to take his talent in the paint booth and create one of the cleanest 1989 Silvia’s around. He started off his journey of creating his masterpiece by taking the car to a Bare Shell, Bare Metal, He took every window out, down to ever last bolt and trim piece the car had on it. It truly became a blank canvas.

Josh has done all of the sheet metal work, all the paint work, suspension work, body work, motor work and every bit of restoration work done to the car! 95% of it has been done by his own two hands. The Tube work was done by a friend of his at his work. That simply looks incredible!!!! Josh has chopped out old frame rails. Replaced with one piece ones all the way to the rear sub frame. Stitch welded. 3m seam sealer on all seams. Coated everything with worth chip guard and color systems body wax in the new rails. The engine bay it’s basically wire tucked. All the wires for the head lights are ran thru the tube bars. Even a custom removable front core support!

Josh is a true Car Enthusiast who hasn’t given up on his masterpiece. He says” There is nothing else I’d rather be doing, I’m a car guy, Drifting, Dragging to even Car shows” He simply enjoys them all. I think Josh has himself a 3 in 1 combo with this one of a kind build that I truly admire.

Words from Josh himself “I didn’t really build the car for drag or drifting. I wanted to build a car that was reliable and I could daily comfortably. Without all the daily 240 problems . Wanted a car even my mom could get in and drive it and not hate it. It has taken 3 years because I’ve bought a house, got engaged and getting married this year so all those things came first. Josh in his spare time does side jobs to pay for the parts so it took him some time.

Josh I am honored to be able to write about your car. I am a die hard Nissan fan, I have been following your build page for some time and when you reached out to me I was truly ecstatic! Thank you!

If you guys want to continue to see the progress of Josh Newtons Silvia check out his Instagram and give him a follow @infamous_twotone


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