Who We Are

The Articles
I have had a lot of people ask me what exactly is The Articles.

The Articles is a personal business delivering you the experience of the Automotive Community World Wide. Bringing you live footage from around the world. Covering Drift, Drag, Street, & Show events through the eyes of a lens.

From Imports, Domestics, Trucks & Bikes The Articles wants to show it all. From event promoting to business advertising

We started January 2017 and have been constantly growing. The support has been fantastic. By the end of 2017 The Articles wants to have enough coverage and support to publish its first magazine to be sold and shown off around the world.

I have several Events I plan on covering this year as well as business’s id like to visit. I will be taking the time and effort to travel, meet new people, interview people, photo sessions and to write about events and certain individuals, and business’s that I truly see being apart of the first ever The Articles V1 Magazine.

I appreciate all the kind words, all the motivation from friends and family. Without you and your support I wouldn’t be able to do this.


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